RGS Air Vacuums

A complete range of industrial air vacuum cleaners for all types industries and environments.

Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum Cleaner AD36
AD36X1 Air Vacuum Cleaner
Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum Cleaner AD46/100
AD46/100 Air Vacuum Cleaner
Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum Cleaner AD46/60
AD46/60 Air Vacuum Cleaner
Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum Cleaner AD56
AD56 Air Vacuum Cleaner

What are the advantages of the R.G.S range of compressed air-powered vacuums over electrical powered vacuums?

Compressed air-powered vacuums offer a number of significant advantages. The main advantages are that they have no electric motor, or any moving parts which when placed in an industrial environment can clog and wear out.. Therefore, they are ideal in heavy duty-cycle (on-off-on-off) applications which shorten the life of electric vacs. Because there is no electric motor, sparking at the brushes is eliminated and require no high voltage trailing cables, an important feature for wet and/or hazardous environments. The unit working from plant air supply is often more readily available than electric power in many in-plant locations.

Our range of air vacuums are AD36 25L bin 206CFM, AD46/60 60Lbin 235CFM, AD46/100 100L bin 234CFM and the AD56 100L bin and 471 CFM ,are all capable of removing oil, sludge, swarf, food, slag, sand, turnings etc. The AD56 is available with twin venturi for extra power. A choice of comprehensive 70mm /50mm or 40mm accessory kits is available.

The AD range is also available in ATEX configuration.

How do RGS compressed air-powered vacuums work?

Compressed air-powered vacuums (also known as pneumatic vacuums) work on the venturi principle. Compressed air, via the air supply hose, enters the venturi unit and travels through the injector. As the air continues through the surrounding venturi, it accelerates, thereby creating low pressure inside the venturi unit. This low pressure induces vacuum flow inside the adjacent container and the attached vacuum hose.

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