Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum Cleaner AD36

The AD36 uses compressed air to create a vacuum using a venturi, this makes the machine suitable where electricity is unavailable.

As the vacuum has no moving parts maintenance is minimal requiring only the filter to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis to maintain its optimum performance. The AD36 comes complete with a 360mm star filter and a 25L removable collection bin. Complete range of accessories available for all applications.


Farming and Agriculture Brewery Paint Pharmaceutical

Technical Features

  • Machine body ⌀360mm
  • Venturi system
  • Star filter of polyester
  • Manual filter shaker on the side
  • Manometer to control the compressed air pressure
  • Quick inlet 70mm
  • Compressed air hose, antistatic, 10m. long, complete with connector
  • We recommend using 40mm accessories for cleaning.


Air consumption Lt/min 1200NI/min
Power Watt -
Depression max mbar 280
Max air flow CFM (m3/h) 206 (350)
Primary filter surface m2 0.70
Container capacity Lt 25
Product inlet mm 70
Noise level Dba 70
Overall dimensions Cm 48 x 65 x 118h
Weight Kg 36
Compressed air required bar 4-8

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