Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum Cleaner AD56

The AD 56 uses compressed air to create a vacuum using a double venturi, this makes the machine suitable where electricity is unavailable.

As the vacuum has no moving parts maintenance is minimal requiring only the filter to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis to maintain its optimum performance. The AD 56 comes complete with a 460mm star filter and a 100L removable collection bin. Complete range of accessories available for all your cleaning applications.


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Technical Features

  • Machine body ⌀560mm
  • Double Venturi system
  • Star filter of polyester
  • Manual filter shaker on the side
  • Manometer to control the compressed air pressure
  • Quick inlet 70mm
  • 100L removable collection bin
  • Compressed air hose, antistatic, 10m. long, complete with connector
  • We recommend using 50mm accessories for cleaning.


Air consumptionLt/min2400NI/min
Depression maxmbar280
Max air flowCFM (m3/h)471 (800)
Primary filter surfacem23.4
Container capacityLt100
Product inletmm70
Noise levelDba80
Overall dimensionsCm89 x 68 x 180h
Compressed air requiredbar4-8

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